Pirate Treasure Ads

Eye Catching Banners Ads - One-time $10 joining fee to add as many 468x60 and 125x125 banners as you wish

Pirate Treasure Ads
Get your own banners on your own page!
Eye Catching Banners Ads from Pirate Treasure Ads will get you the visitors you want! This is a low cost way to advertise your 468x60 and 125x125 banners in rotation plus they are seen so your ad will be potentially seen 24/7. Your banners stay until another visitor comes along giving you more chance of someone clicking through to YOUR site. You may see results within a few days in most cases though this is not guaranteed.
  • Add as many banners as you want - no limit!
  • You could add banners for all the sites you belong to!
  • Add new banners through the submission form
  • Approval of banners takes less then 12 hrs in most cases  (Subject to Admin's right to remove offending or disallowed banners)
  • Access to stats to see how your banners are performing
  • Advertise your own site anywhere!
  • We will add your banner page to our site rotator
  • There is a one time $10 joining fee and when you refer a new member, you get $2 to your PayPal account within 24 hrs!
  • Don't pay settle for 4 or 5 banners like on some sites! 
  • We feature the popular 468x60 and 125x125 banners
  • No need to worry about when your banner expires!
  • Your ads stay on the page until the page is refreshed
  • Why Join?  This is a dedicated banner ad site, people are constantly looking for new ventures!

      Add unlimited Banners As you can see these ads will catch visitors eyes. These banners are also seen each time a visitor comes from one of our adboard ads, email ads and other advertising sites and are potentially seen 1000s of times.
    Looking to advertise just one or 2 banners? Try Dollar Banners

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