Get your own Adboard on Pirate Treasure Ads

The new Adboard where YOU can add 7 468x60 banners to ANY legal program you are a member of where you want to gain more members in your downline. Have you tried and failed at downline builders? Are you tired of paying monthly fees to several different programs trying to get referrals for:

  • Safe lists
  • Mailers
  • Adboards
  • Traffic/Banner Exchanges
  • Work at home programs
  • Other legal money making programs
By getting your own page on 'Pirate Treasure Ads' you simply pay the one-time fee of $7.00, you then fill out the form on the page PayPal redirects you to by clicking the 'Return To' link after payment (Don't return to your account) then once payment is received, your 7 banners will be added to a page exactly like this one then all you do is wait for your welcome email which will give your unique url and then start to promote it.

Click here for a preview 



It's a really simple concept, there are lots of websites that let you add four or five banners but they will cost you more than $7 to join plus a lot of them you have to share with the owner's banners or they are rotated. With Pirate Treasure Ads, you get a page dedicated to your own 7 468x60 banners in neat formation that you DO NOT share with anyone else! We don't accept banners for:
  • Scams
  • Medical (Including but not limited to teeth whitening, diets, vitamins, miracle cures, muscle building etc)
  • Anything that is not advertising or marketing related or anything where you are not trying to get new referrals or make commission/sale
  • Physical goods for sale
Remember -
  • No sharing
  • Unlimited impressions - none of the 'We give you 500 impressions'! There is absolutely no limit how many times your page will be displayed
  • Simply post ads on the list of Adboards we provide and other advertising sites
  • No banner rotations, people see all 7 of your banners
  • Your Adboard will be ready in 24 hrs or less (except at busy times)
  • You can change your banners if any programs go offline
  • There are no links to other member's programs to distract visitors seeing yours
  • You can advertise wherever you wish as long as you don't spam
  • You get paid $1 for every new member you refer - no waiting, it goes directly to your PayPal account.
Please read our Terms and FAQs before ordering your own 'Pirate Treasure Ads' banner page. Make your payment below for only $7.00 or from here and get your own Adboard to promote in less than 24 hrs! (We reserve the right at busy times to keep to the time-frame but we will keep any delays to a minimum)

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